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 Gun violence in the United States

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مُساهمةموضوع: Gun violence in the United States   السبت ديسمبر 19, 2015 11:24 am

Gun violence in the United States

Gun violence in the United States results in thousands of deaths and thousands more injuries annually.[1] According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, firearms (excluding BB and pellet guns) were used in 84,258 nonfatal injuries (26.65 per 100,000 U.S. citizens) [2] and 11,208 deaths by homicide (3.5 per 100,000),[3] 21,175 by suicide with a firearm,[4] 505 deaths due to accidental discharge of a firearm,[4] and 281 deaths due to firearms-use with "undetermined intent"[5] for a total of 33,169 deaths related to firearms (excluding firearm deaths due to legal intervention). 1.3% of all deaths in the country were related to firearms.[1][6] According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were more reported cases of accidental shooting than reported cases of defensive gun use in the United States in 2014. [7]

In 2010, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 67% of all homicides in the U.S. were conducted using a firearm.[8] According to the FBI, in 2012, there were 8,855 total firearm-related homicides in the US, with 6,371 of those attributed to handguns.[9] 61% of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. are suicides.[10] In 2010, there were 19,392 firearm-related suicides, and 11,078 firearm-related homicides in the U.S.[11] In 2010, 358 murders were reported involving a rifle while 6,009 were reported involving a handgun; another 1,939 were reported with an unspecified type of firearm.[12]

In 2010, gun violence cost U.S. taxpayers approximately $516 million in direct hospital costs.[13]

Gun violence is most common in poor urban areas and frequently associated with gang violence, often involving male juveniles or young adult males.[14][15] Although mass shootings have been covered extensively in the media, mass shootings account for a small fraction of gun-related deaths[10] and the frequency of these events had steadily declined between 1994 and 2007. Between 2007 and 2013, however, the rate of active shooter incidents per year in the US increased.[16][17] Handguns figured in the Virginia Tech massacre, Binghamton shootings, 2009 Fort Hood shooting, Oikos University shooting, and 2011 Tucson shooting. The Aurora theater shooting and the Columbine High School massacre were committed by assailants armed with multiple weapons.

Legislation at the federal, state, and local levels has attempted to address gun violence through a variety of methods, including restricting firearms purchases by youths and other "at-risk" populations, setting waiting periods for firearm purchases, establishing gun buyback programs, law enforcement and policing strategies, stiff sentencing of gun law violators, education programs for parents and children, and community-outreach programs. Despite widespread concern about the impacts of gun violence on public health, Congress has banned the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from conducting research on gun violence.[18]

The Congressional Research Service in 2009 estimated there were 310 million firearms in the U.S., not including weapons owned by the military. 114 million of these were handguns, 110 million were rifles, and 86 million were shotguns.[19] In that same year, the Census bureau stated the population of people in the U.S. at 306 million.[20] While the number of guns in civilian hands has been on the increase, the percentage of Americans and American households who own guns has been in long-term decline, with the difference made up for by gun owners stockpiling an increasing number of guns per owner. Thus, the Pew Research Center has found both that "The percentage of American households with a gun has been steadily declining high of 54% in 1977 to 33% in 2009" and the "The average number of guns per owner has increased from 4.1 in 1994 to 6.9 in 2004.[21] Thus, while gun ownership has become much less common over the past 3 decades in the United States, the number of guns has nevertheless increased, mainly due to gun owners now owning many more guns each than they did previously.
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Gun violence in the United States
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